Effective dry-docking and repair management on top of your existing solutions.
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We have invested 25.000 man-hours since 2010. The result is a truly scalable cloud based software where we have integrated functions for Asset management, Task management, Project Management, Content Mgmt and CRM and Integration services.

The unique features of the software are
• Genuine cloud based architecture, multi site, multi tenant
• Standard processes – provided by templates masterplans and flexible configuration – continuous improvement
• State of the art technical specification tool that covers integration with PMS, yard quotation, tracking and reporting
Based on a Lean Kaizen philosophy – Always at your best

Due to the innovation related to unmanned ships we will have an unique solution where we can launch intelligent collaboration apps in order share and act on the smart data provided from Internet of things sensors, IA and machine learning

About VesselMan
VesselMan enables new digital processes that reduces costs and risks by ensuring everyone knows what to do, and how to do it. VesselMan help ship owners and ship managers digitalize the management of vessels, including complex dry-docking, conversion and new building projects. VesselMan also provide modules for digital collaboration, ISM safety, assets management and utilization of IoT and big data.
VesselMan is made in Norway and based on technology from Kaizit.
  • VesselMan is a cloud based management system that enables new ways to cut costs, save time and improve quality.
  • VesselMan is used on top of your existing systems and ensures operational execution of your defined procedures and HSEQ requirements (ISO:2015)
All parties will follow the defined planning process, communicate effectively and easily update progress and cost
Monitor progress from office and share information online with your board, customers and stakeholders
Less people dependent:
Build better teams and higher motivation around shared best practices and operational processes