Mapping Cloud

Visualize, analyze and share multibeam data in real time. Access your data at any time - work from anywhere
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In cloud computing most things happen in your web-browser. Kognifai is no different; your data fles, virtual machine (VM) and processing software are all located on servers hosted in the Kognifai cloud. This enables you and your colleagues to access data and work simultaneously, sharing the workload and adding valuable insight.

Transmit data from vessel to cloud in real-time to support remote operations

The Kongsberg EM™ systems can be enabled to send data in real-time, or at set times directly to the cloud, making it possible to monitor progress while collecting data. This information can be distributed to anyone, anywhere with access rights. In this way real-time data is made available for use in many applications and products.

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Strong partnerships

Kongsberg has a strong partnership with ESRI, the global leader in spatial analytics, and companies supporting the ESRI workflow, including Earth Analytic, specialists in science-based design, and Geodata, specializing in visualization of information. Our partners provide end users with an almost endless range of online mapping and GIS functionality. With Mapping Cloud, these applications are available directly in your web browser.

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  • Easy storage of different types of data fles in the Cloud
  • Upload and distribute real-time data
  • Use the Cloud to manage sharing, processing and archiving
  • Run existing PC- applications in a Virtual Machine environment
  • Share results with partners and customers through web-browsers

Managing your data in the Cloud

The Mapping Cloud makes it possible to manage and merge different types of data fles in one working environment. 

  • Upload local - simply mount your hard disk on your local PC and use
    the File Upload functionality to copy all fles. Upload time depends on
    network speed and fle size.
  • File Manager– mount directories as hard drives to allow VM to access
    device as a regular drive. You can allow other users to read/write for easy
    sharing. The File Manager can handle all your Mapping Cloud data.
  •  Processing data– start VM and run your regular PC processing application. All processing takes place in the Mapping Cloud environment,
    making the results directly available to your colleagues.
  • Distribute files– storing the data in the Cloud allows you to easily
    distribute information online. Using the File Manager, you can easily
    give access to selected users.
Upload data in Australia, process it in Paris, and display the results in San Francisco in your favourite application.