eSmart Connected Grid

One system to operate all of your Smart Metering & Grid Infrastructure.
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About eSmart Systems
eSmart Systems develops digital intelligence for the energy industry and smart communities. The company is based on more than 20 years of international experience in establishing and operating knowledge based and leading IT and energy related companies targeting global markets.
  • Real Time dashboards
  • Automated & customizable processes & workflows
  • ESRI-based GIS-platform with real time data visualization
  • 2-way communication with meter infrastructure
  • Event & Alarm Handling
  • Customer Alerts
  • Real-Time Customer Compensation Visualization
  • Outage Handling Per Individual Customer
  • Remote Opening and Closing of Meters
  • Tap into data sources which have been off limits
  • Information model built on CIM standards
  • Postpone, reduce or eliminate grid investments
  • Significantly reduced cost enabled by optimized & automated processes
  • Instant capability to react to and alleviate grid incidents
  • Improved grid planning, outage & peak management
  • Reduce field costs & SHA risk by remotely controlled  processes