The purpose of the Kognifai platform ecosystem is to make smart data-driven prototypes, apps, solutions, microservices, and APIs to drive transformation in the industry. Whether you are working alone or in a large organization, if you are a developer, designer, or entrepreneur you are welcome to build on Kognifai.


The Kognifai digital platform architecture builds on horizontal IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services from major cloud vendors, including Microsoft Azure. On top of the broad cloud platform, Kognifai includes a set of platform capabilities and common building blocks that accelerate innovation in various industry scenarios. Patterns and practices from one industry are often relevant and applicable to other industries, and this valuable cross-pollination is one of the architectural goals behind the platform. Offering a loosely coupled toolbox of relevant services and capabilities that can be used alone or in combination to develop valuable industry solutions quickly is the key value proposition to developers. The platform takes care of cyber security, identity, encryption, and data governance.  

Developer section

Right now, our developer section is in preview and opens in a separate window where you use your Kognifai ID to log in and access information, documentation, APIs, ML models, data sets, etc. In the next iteration of this portal, the developer experience will be fully integrated, and you will use the same Kognifai ID to log in to all services the portal has to offer. If the email address you provide is not yet recognized as a Kognifai ID, you will automatically be guided through the process of establishing an ID. 

-> Click here to go to the Developer section: (Preview)

Open Source

GitHub will be the prime location for open source code and APIs relevant to the publishing platform

-> Click here to go to the Kognifai profile on GitHub: (Preview coming soon)