A robust and open technology platform is a prime driver for breaking down silos and enhancing collaboration through the ecosystem that is developing around it. This opportunity to disrupt and accelerate innovation is core to Kognifai.

The goal with the Kognifai open platform ecosystem is to level the playing field and let everyone participate: customers, partners, vendors, ISVs, industry clusters, and entrepreneurs alike. Whether you work for a small company with limited resources or a large multinational organization, whether you own industry assets or is a vendor delivering services to it, Kognifai is open to everyone who wants to participate and help transform the industry through digitalization. 


Kognifai is open to customers of all sizes throughout the world. Target customers are typically associated with the maritime or energy industries, but the platform ecosystem is open to customers from other industries. Enabling cross-pollination across industries is core to Kognifai and allows innovation to flow between value chains. Some customers will utilize Kognifai as their core platform, while others will have Kognifai as part of an ecosystem of platforms. Some will have advanced mission-critical needs for digitalization and business transformation, while others may have more modest needs for connecting data to a platform and utilizing that data to create value in some small or large way. 


Likely and unlikely partnerships are shaping the future of our industries. The Kognifai ecosystem has room for a range of different partnerships from broad players to niche specialists. When customers store data in the platform, they can also choose to open a subset of this data to selected partners so they can utilize their particular area of expertise to add value. 


We built the Kognifai platform on important innovations and global positions of major cloud vendors like Microsoft. The ecosystem is open to many different kinds of vendors, both platform and analytics vendors as well as vendors to particular industries.


Close cooperation between commercial actors and academia is core to a successful transformation of our industries. Kognifai is open for academia to utilize, both as consumers of services and as contributors of innovation, thought leadership, patterns, and practices. 

Research organizations

Public and private research organizations are welcome to utilize the Kognifai ecosystem, for example to safely collect data and store them on the platform for further analysis and utilization. 

Independent software vendors

Kognifai includes a catalog of apps, solutions, and APIs. This catalog will be further developed into a marketplace where ISVs can position and sell their industry-relevant apps and services. 


If you are an entrepreneur or a startup company looking to make a difference for the industry, you are welcome to consume platform services, contribute to the development of the platform, or sell your solutions through the marketplace like an ISV. Note that there are specific accelerator programs available for startup companies. 

KONGSBERG companies

The international KONGSBERG corporation includes a range of companies and engineering teams that deliver advanced and reliable solutions improving safety, security, and performance in complex operations and under extreme conditions. KONGSBERG-related companies typically work with demanding customers in the global sectors of defense, maritime, subsea, fisheries, energy, and aerospace. All KONGSBERG companies and their daughter companies are welcome to consume Kognifai platform services and contribute to the platform development.